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Registration Payment Information and Options



 Spring 2019 Payment Deadline is


Friday, December 14, 2018 at 4:00 p.m. (HST)

The payment deadline at all UH campuses for Spring 2019 is Friday, December 14, 2018 at 4:00 pm (HST). Receipt of payment or enrollment in the payment plan on or before this date is required. Registration will be cancelled for non-payment. Students remain academically and financially responsible for any registration that is not cancelled and should drop unwanted classes. Please check the registration timetable or contact your campus directly for re-registration opportunities for cancelled registration (subject to availability of classes). Financial aid recipients should follow financial aid award information.


IMPORTANT: To avoid financial and academic penalties, be sure to drop any class you do not want, even if you have not paid for it.  Students who fail to meet the payment deadline may be subject to immediate dis-enrollment from all courses. Not all registrations are automatically cancelled due to non-payment.  To avoid dis-enrollment from classes, payment must be received by the Payment Deadline. Campuses may have different deadlines so be sure to check each campus you are registered at. It is your responsibility to check each institution's web site for specific Payment Deadlines and Policies

If you do not want to keep a class, drop it in the 100% tuition refund period to avoid financial or academic penalties (e.g. “F” grade). Never assume that you will automatically be dropped from your classes due to non-payment or non-attendance. It is YOUR responsibility to make sure that your payment has been received by the deadline.


BEFORE you make your payment:

  • Verify your Tuition and Fee charges on your account. This will display in STAR GPS Registration upon clicking the "Make Payment" button (see instructions below). Your charges can also be accessed in MyUH using the "Pay Tuition and Fees" task. After selecting the task and you are logged into the payment system, select the "View Account Activity" box on the "My Account" tab (see screenshot below).
  • Check to make sure you have met your Payment Deadline.
  • Learn more about payments, payment plans, Authorized Users and eRefunds at University of Hawaii FAQs for Student eCommerce Services.
  • University of Hawaii employees, and spouses or domestic partners of employees in BU 07, 08, 87 and 88 -  find additional information on the Employee Tuition Waiver site.

My Account


When you are ready to submit a payment, setup an Authorized User or sign up for a Payment Plan, you can do so through STAR GPS or through MyUH


  • Access the STAR GPS Registration screen by clicking on the "GPS Registration" tab and then the "Register" button in the frame of the desired term. 
  • Then, in the upper right hand corner, click on the "Make Payment" button.






  • Type key word(s) or, if known, the task name in the search bar, then ENTER. The task and/or related tasks will appear in the Search Results section.
  • Click on the desired task. You will be prompted to login if you have not done so already.


You have several Registration Payment options available to you. These include


Online Check or Credit Card Payment

There are two ways to access the payment page:

1. STAR GPS - In STAR GPS Registration, click on the "Make Payment" button. Once you are logged into the payment system, in the "Current Account Status" section, click on "Make a Payment." 

Make a Payment


2. MyUH - Search for and then select the "Pay Tuition and Fees" task. After logging in, you will be brought directly to the "Account Payments" tab as shown in the second screenshot below.   


You will then be asked to select charges you wish to pay for.  You may select your current account balance or select charges for a specific term.  Then press “Continue.” Note:  Your payment will always be applied to the oldest unpaid balance first, even if the charge is from a previous term.  

Account Payment

You will then be asked to select a payment method.

Select Payment Method

If you select "New Credit or Debit Card" to pay by debit card or credit card, you will be asked for your card information.  If you select "New Electronic Check" (checking or savings) you will be asked for your bank information.

On-line debit card or credit card payment option:

If you are paying with a debit card or credit card for the first time, select "New Credit or Debit Card."  Enter your card information and cardholder billing information

Card Holder Billing Information


 Save payment method as a specific name (e.g. My Visa Account) and click continue. 

Card Info Saved

If you are paying with a card that was saved previously, select that card from the "Payment Method" drop down box.

Review the payment details (payment date, amount paid, account number, etc), then press "Submit Payment" button to make your payment.  Once a payment is submitted, it cannot be reversed.

Print the next page as a record of your payment.  An email confirmation will also be sent to your UH email account.

Payment Receipt Successful


Confirmation Email to Student

On-line Electronic Check (checking/savings) option:

If you are paying with an eCheck for the first time or a new bank account, select "New Electronic Check (checking/savings)."   Select Account type, enter ABA routing number, account number, and name on the account.  Checking the Refund Option is highly recommended.  Any future refunds will be deposited directly into this account.  Direct deposit of funds is the fastest, safest and most convenient way to receive your student refund.  If you check this box, be sure to keep your bank account information updated.

Check the option to save this payment method for future use if desired.  Save payment method as a specific name (e.g. My Checking Account) and click "Continue."

Electronic Check

Review the details of your payment and the terms and conditions for paying by electronic check.  Click the "I Agree to the above terms and conditions" statement and click on the "Submit Payment" button. Once a payment is submitted, it cannot be reversed.

Submit Payment

Terms and Conditions

Print the following page as your payment record.  An email confirmation will also be sent to your UH email account.

ACH Payment

Thank you for Payment Email

To Setup an Authorized User

Authorized Users (parents, guardians, etc.) must first be setup by the student. Then the Authorized User should log in to the url provided in the confirmation email to make a payment or set up a payment plan. There are two ways to access the Authorized User page:

1. STAR GPS - In STAR GPS Registration, click on the "Make Payment" button. Once you are logging into the payment system, click on the "Authorized Users" tab. 

2. MyUH - Search for and then select the "Designate an Authorized User" task. After logging in, you will be brought directly to the "Authorized User" tab as shown below.   

Authorized User Current Account Status


On the next page, enter the email address of the Authorized User" and click "Continue."

Add Authorized User



Read the terms of the agreement and click on "I Agree."  Then click "Continue."

Agreement to Add Authorized User



Your Authorized User will receive two separate emails with instructions for accessing your account.  One email will provide your Authorized User with a username and the other email will provide your Authorized User with a password.

Notification to New Authorized User

Authorized User Given Access Email


Authorized User Access Information


Signing Up for A Payment Plan

Payment plans are available for the Fall and Spring terms only, and are available for enrollment during specific time periods.  Please check the University of Hawaii Installment Payment Plan for payment plan enrollment dates.  There are two ways to access the Payment Plan page:

1. STAR GPS - In STAR GPS Registration, click on the "Make Payment" button. Once you are logging into the payment system, click on the "Payment Plans" tab. 

2. MyUH - Search for and then select the "Enroll in Payment Plan" task. After logging in, you will be brought directly to the "Payment Plans" tab as shown below.   

Payment Plan Screen 1

Click on the "Enroll Now" button and then select the appropriate term from the drop-down list.

Payment Plan Screen 2

Payment Plan Select Payment Plan

Click on "Continue" and on the next screen, select "Display Payment Schedule."

Version 6.5 Payment Plan Details

Schedule Payment Plan

Review the information on the Schedule below and select "Continue" to proceed.

Recalculate Schedule

On the next screen, select a payment method to pay your payment plan installments and click on "Select” when you've made your selection.


Select Payment Method2


Read the Payment Plan Agreement and select "I Agree" to continue setting up your Payment Plan.

Payment Plan Agreement

Payment Plan Agreement Check Box

Print the following page for your records.  Your enrollment fee for the payment plan setup and your first payment has been charged to your selected method of payment.

Payment Receipt

A confirmation email will be sent to your email account.

Payment Plan Confirmation Email

Mail-In Payment by Check

If paying by check, you also have the option of mailing in your payment. Payments that are mailed in must be received (not postmarked) by the Payment Deadline.

  • Click on this form-fillable PDF which will open up the form in another window.

  • Fill out the form and then print. This form cannot be submitted online.  
  • Write your UH student ID number on the top left of your check.  Enclose your check (payable to University of Hawai'i) and mail it with the payment form to your Home Institution business/cashier office. Addresses are provided at the bottom of the form.


In-Person Payment

You also have the option to make your payment in-person. You may go to any UH Cashier's Office to make your cash or check payment.  UH Cashier offices do not accept in-person credit card payments for tuition.  Credit card payments must be made online.  If paying by credit card, you may access the online payment site through STAR GPS or by selecting the "Pay Tuition and Fees" task on MyUH.


Payment Policies by Campus

  • Payment policies vary from campus to campus. It is your responsibility to know specific payment policies at each campus where you are registered. To view campus information on payment and refund deadlines and policies, see below for campus links:

Hawai'i Community College

Honolulu Community College

Kapi'olani Community College

Kaua'i Community College

Leeward Community College

UH Hilo

UH Mānoa Outreach College

UH Mānoa

UH Maui College

UH West O'ahu

Windward Community College


If a campus web site does not provide information specifying the information you are looking for, contact their Student Services (Admissions & Records) Office.