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Change Class Options


Some classes have multiple grading options (e.g. Pass/Fail, Audit or Standard Letter A-F) and/or allow for variable credits. You can change these class options through MyUH. 

To change your grading options or credit load:

  • Login to MyUH
  • Click on "Registration" in the left column under "Student Services."
  • Click on "Change Class Options" under "Other Tasks."

If the class allows for these options, you will see the following screen.

  • Use the pull down menu next to Grade Mode to highlight & select a Grade Mode
  • To change the credit load for a variable credit class, type in the number of credits in the Credit Hours box
  • Click on "Submit Changes"

MyUH: Registration, Grading Options

Once you Submit Changes, you should see the changed option to the right of Grading Mode (e.g. "Credit/No Credit") or the new credit load for the variable credit class. Make sure that these entries are the options you want for your class!

You may also access the Change Class Options page via the Add/Drop Course screen shown below.  The Grade Mode and/or the credits will be highlighted as a link if these options are available for the class.  Click on the highlighted link to access the change boxes for the grade mode or the credit load for the specific class.

MyUH: Registration, Grading Options, Finished