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Tuition Refunds and How to sign up for eRefunds


Tuition Refund Policy

Students who completely withdraw during the late registration (add) period will be entitled to a 100% refund of their tuition. Student activity fees will be refunded upon complete withdrawal from all classes at all UH campuses during the late registration period.  Those who partially withdraw (drop one or more, but not all, classes) during the add period will be entitled to a full refund of their tuition but not their student activity fees.  The late registration period varies at each institution.  Please check the academic calendar for each institution for specific dates.

For semester-long courses, the refund period is deemed to be the first three weeks of the semester. After the late registration period ends, a refund rate of 50% will be applied to tuition for withdrawals made in the remaining week(s) of the refund period. However, there will be no refunds of student activity fees.

For non-semester length credit classes, the refund period shall be 20% of the instructional period. The instructional period includes all calendar days beginning from the first day of instruction and ending on the last day of instruction. No refunds will be made for courses where the instructional period is 10 days or less, except before the first day instruction. After the late registration period (add period), a refund rate of 50% will be applied to tuition for withdrawals during the remainder of the refund period.

To receive your Tuition Refund as a direct deposit to your checking account, sign up for eRefund on MyUH.  Be sure to review your payment profile on the Student Account Homepage at least once per term to ensure your information is current.


Note: Only students can set up refund accounts. Authorized users cannot set them up.

  • Log on to MyUH
  • Click on Sign Up for eRefund which will take you to the View My Charges, Make a Payment, eRefund Sign-up page
  • Click on Go to Student Account Homepage



  • Select "Create a Refund Profile" tab on the Student Account Homepage



  • Select "Payment Profile"


Under "Add a Payment Method", select "Electronic Check" to designate a bank account for eRefunds direct deposit, then click on Go.



On the Payment Method page shown below, enter your Bank Account Information

  • Account Name:  choose a name.  e.g. My Checking Account
  • Account Type:  select Checking or Savings
  • ABA Routing Number.  Enter the routing number of your bank
  • Account Number:  Enter your bank account number.  Note:  Do not enter the number on your debit card here.  View the illustration provided and call your bank to verify your bank account number.  Your checking or savings account number can be any number of digits.  It is important that you enter ALL the numbers shown between the symbols.
  • Confirm Account Number.  Re-enter your bank account number.
  • Name on Account:  Enter the name on your bank account.
  • Refund Option:  Check the box that says "Please check here if you would like refunds to be deposited into this account."
  • Select the "Save" button to save your transaction.



Please read the following agreement carefully.  Enter the last 4 digits of your UH number and click on the "I Agree" button.  Print this page for your records.



The following page will confirm that your bank account has been saved.



If you've already saved a bank account as a payment method, click on the pencil icon in the Action column to enable that bank account for refunds.  (See example on the image below.)  You may designate only one bank account to receive refunds.



  • On the Edit Bank Account Information page shown below, check the box to enable your refunds to be deposited into the account you selected.
  • Select the "Save" button to save this transaction.


  • The following page will confirm that your refund account has been saved.