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Find Your Registration Date & Time


To determine when you can begin registering on the web at your Home Institution, you will need to:

  • Login to MyUH
  • Click on "Check Registration Status" in the left column under "Student Services"

MyUH: Portal, Main Page



You may be prompted to select the term that you wish to register in.

  • Click on the pull down box next to "Term."
  • You will see a number of terms (e.g. "Fall 2007"). Highlight the upcoming term and select it.
  • Click on "Submit Term."

    MyUH: Registration, Select Term


    Once you select the term, you will see the following screen. Based on your total earned (institutional plus transfer) credits at your Home Institution, your registration time at your Home Institution will be displayed.


    To determine when you can begin registering on the web at another UH campus, you will need to:

    • Verify the number of credits you have earned on the "Check My Registration Status" page.
    • Click on the "Registration Timetable" link to see when you may register at the other UH campus.
    • Based on your total earned credits (institutional and transfer, if any), check to see what day and time you may begin web registration.  All continuing and newly admitted students at any UH campus may register at the community colleges according to their total earned credits.  Students interested in registering at either UH Manoa, UH Hilo, or UH West Oahu must be admitted or a continuting student at that institution to register for classes there.

    MyUH: Registration, Check Registration Status



    Example: If Ida B. Wells has 32 credits, she could begin web registration on April 22. That does not mean she must register on April 22, it just indicates that she may register any time she wants on or after April 22. What Ida cannot do, is register before the specified date and time indicated.

    MyUH: Registration, Timetable


    Tip: If it is not your registration period, use the Check Class Availability Site to preview & search for classes.