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Check Class Availability


The Check Class Availability sites reflect the most current information about classes.

  • The sites are organized by institution and term.
  • Information is automatically updated each time you refresh/reload the screen.
  • The information is publicly available. You do not need to login to view the sites.

What to use Check Class Availability for

Use the Check Class Availability sites to see how many seats are still available in a class. You can also use it to view course reference numbers, instructors, times, locations, etc.

What you can't use Check Class Availability for

Course descriptions and course requirements (e.g. prerequisites and corequisites) are not provided for all campuses. You may need to look at your Home Institution's Schedule of Classes.

You also can only browse through classes by Subject. You cannot run a search for a specific class.

Using Check Class Availability

To find the Check Class Availability site for a specific campus or term:



You will see a then see a listing of all the subjects offered in that term. 


Click on the desired subject to see a listing of the sections offered.

  • Classes are organized by Subject/Number (ART 101, ART 113, etc), Section Number and CRN (Course Reference Number).
  • All classes may not display on one screen. Be sure to scroll down to see the entire listing of classes.
  • Curr. Enrolled - Number of seats taken.
  • Seats avail. - Number of open seats remaining in the class.

Note: If the Seats column indicates that the class is full/closed, don't give up! Refer to your Campus Web Site for information on Overload policies.


You may also click on the 5-digit CRN to view more details about a specific class.