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Search for Classes in MyUH


The MyUH Search for Classes reflects the most current information about classes.

  • Browse through classes by subject, instructor, meeting days and times, etc.
  • Narrow down your search to include only writing-intensive classes, online classes, and attributes/focus areas (e.g. OC - Oral Communication , HAP - Hawaiian Asian & Pacific Issues).

What to use MyUH Search for Classes for

Use the MyUH Search for Classes to locate specific classes. Unlike the Schedule of Classes and the Check Class Availability sites, you can run class searches based on specific criteria. You can also use it to view course reference numbers, instructors, times, locations, etc.

To get to the Search for Classes page:

  • Login to MyUH
  • Click on "Registration" located in left column under "Student Services"
  • You will see the following screen.
  • Click on "Search For Classes" under "Other Tasks"

MyUH: Registration, Main Page

You may be prompted to select the term that you wish to register in.

  • Click on the pull down box next to "Term."
  • You will see a number of terms (e.g. "Fall 2008"). Highlight the desired term and select it.
  • Click on "Submit Term."

You will see the following screen.


    • You must select at least one Subject to execute a search.
    • For better results, go to Search Tips.
    • After you have made your choices, click on "Get Classes."

    Note: Search Tips will show you how to run specifc searches to get results like: English Classes at Kapiolani CC that are Writing-Intensive, all Distance Education classes in the UH System, or all the classes being taught by Nathan Dwyer.

    Once you you have clicked on "Get Classes," you will see the following results screen.  Click on the CRN link to see additional information like special requirements for this class section, instructional method, prerequisite information and catalog description.


    • Your search results will be based on your search criteria.
    • If you are eligible to register and the class has available seats, check boxes will appear on the far left allowing you to select the class for registration.
    • Cap - Total number of seats for the class.
    • Act- Number of seats taken.
    • Rem - Number of open seats remaining for the class.

    Note: If the Rem column indicates that the class is full/closed, don't give up! Refer to your Campus Web Site for information on Overload policies.

    Additional information about the class via the CRN link is shown below.  More information is available via the "View Catalog Entry" link and the highlighted class title, section and course number link on this page.