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Enter Final Grades in MyUH


(NOTE: Grade rosters are not available during regularly scheduled maintenance activities that occur daily between 2:00 a.m. and 6:00 a.m.)

Faculty must input and/or verify student grades through MyUH.  When grades are "rolled" by your campus registrar, students will be able to view their grades online; students do not receive a printed report card.

Entering Grades

  • You may enter final grades at any time before the grading deadline.
  • You do not have to enter grades for all students in the same session. 
  • If you are team teaching a class, only the primary instructor will be able to enter grades.

Deadline for Entering Grades

Each campus has its own final grading deadline.  You should check the campus academic calendar or contact the registrar's office for the grading deadline for the campus where your class is offered.  The grades are accessible for changes until your campus registrar "rolls" the grades for your class. Once the registrar "rolls" the grades, you may no longer make changes to those grades online but can still change other grades in that section that have not yet been rolled. To make changes to a rolled grade, contact your campus registrar directly.

Each section may be rolled as many times as the registrar chooses. Each time, the roll process will pick any newly entered grades that were not previously rolled. The registrar will do one final roll at the end of the term.

Printing or Checking Grades

Once you have entered your grades on the Final Grade Worksheet, the exportable class list at the bottom of your Summary Class List will display the grades and is suitable for printing a copy for your records.  The exportable class list will list Submitted Grades and will also list the Final Grades reflecting any grade changes after grades are rolled.

To input grades, you will need to do the following:

  • Login to MyUH
  • Search for the "Final Grading" task by entering text in the search bar, then ENTER.
  • The "Final Grading" task will appear in the Search Results section. Click on the task. You will be prompted to login if you have not already done so. 




You may be prompted to select the term that you wish to enter grades for.

  • Click on the pull down box next to "Select a Term."
  • You will see a number of terms (e.g. "Spring 2017"). Select the desired term.
  • Click "Submit."



You will see the following "Select CRN" screen. To select a specific CRN, you will need to do the following:

  • Click on the pull down box next to "CRN."
  • You will see a list of the courses you are assigned to teach for the term.  Only classes with enrolled students will be displayed.
  • Select the desired CRN.
  • Click on "Submit."




You will see a Final Grade Worksheet for the term/CRN selected. To enter grades:

  • Click on the pull down box under "Grade."
  • Highlight & select the grade you wish to assign.
  • A "W" indicates that the student has withdrawn from your class. You cannot change the "W" grade. 



After submiting your grades, a message will display confirming that your grades were saved.  The confirmation message appears in blue.


If there are errors on the page, error messages appear in red.  An overall error message appears at the top and specific messages appear next to each grade with an error.  In this example, error messages appear next to three grades that have errors.  No grades entered in the session will be saved unless all errors are corrected.


To select another CRN to enter grades, use the CRN selection at the bottom of the Final Grade Worksheet. 


Important Information when entering grades:

  • "Save" Frequently! - Clicking on the "Submit" button is equivalent to saving a document. Any unsaved changes or additions will be lost when the session ends or your connection is disrupted. Save as often as you can!

Note: Academic Services is unavailable from 2:00 a.m. to 6:00 a.m.daily for regular maintenance activities. 

  • "Submit" and "Save" Before Going to a New Page - Click on the "Submit" button and "Save" before you click on anything that takes you to another page. Depending on the enrollment in your class, you may see the following at the bottom of the page: Record Sets: 1 - 25  26 - 30. BEFORE you click on "26 - 30" to get to the next set of student records, make sure you SAVE!

If you do not remember to save your entries, then the grades you entered may not be saved and you will have to re-enter each grade.

  • Last Attend Date - If a student is given a failing grade or an incomplete grade, you are required to enter the date the student last attended class in the Last Attend Date box. The data supplied in this column is used to calculate the amount of money the college must return to the federal government for students receiving Title IV financial aid funds and VA Education Benefits. Please follow the MM/DD/YYYY entry format to avoid any problems. 

Determination of last date of attendance may be based on class attendance, exams, tutorials, (advising appointments), study groups, lab attendance or other academically related event.  Use the date of the final exam if the student attended all term and did not pass the class.

If the student never attended the class, enter the day before the class started.

Examples:  If your class is a full-term class and starts on January 9, 2017, the day before the class started would be January 8, 2017.  You would enter 01/08/2017 for the student who never attended.

If your class starts on February 8, 2017, the day before your class started would be February 7, 2017.  You would enter 02/07/2017 for the student who never attended.

  • Attend Hours - For all credit classes, please leave Attend Hours blank.
  • Double Check Your Entries - After submitting your grades, please exit and go back in to the Final Grade Worksheet to verify that grades are correct and have been saved properly. 
  • Student View - Once the grades are rolled by the registrar, final grades can be viewed by the student through STAR.
  • Print Option - If you would like to keep a copy of the grades you entered.

The Summary Class Lists contains details of the students registered for a specific class in a spreadsheet style format. If you entered a final grade on the grade roster, the grade will appear on this list. If no grade was entered, then the field will be blank. You may export the data from your class list into a spreadsheet like Microsoft Excel for printing a copy for your records.  See "How to: Check Class Lists" for more information.