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UH Username and Password


Your UH Username and Password are like electronic fingerprints that identify you and allow access to MyUH online services including registration, email, and access to your personal records. The security of your account depends on how well YOU protect this identity so someone else cannot impersonate you. Protect your UH Username and Password and do not share them with others.

Once you know your Username and Password, you should immediately set up your Password Reset Questions. Establishing these questions will help us verify your identity and allow you to reset your Password online. If you do not set up your Password Reset Questions, you will have to do an in-person password reset should you need one in the future.


What is a UH Username?

A UH Username is a unique identifier for each authorized user (students, faculty & staff) at the UH System. Your UH Username and Password are your personal identification for accessing MyUH, email, web publishing and various other services.

  • You will be assigned one UH Username.
  • Your UH Username is valid for the duration of your academic or professional career in the UH System.
  • Your UH Username and UH email address will not change, even if your name changes or your association with UH alters.

UH Username Log In Issues? 

bulletI Have a UH Username but No Password
bulletI Do Not Have a UH Username (or I'm Not Sure)
bulletUH Username Not Found


I Have a UH Username but No Password

If you have a UH Username but cannot remember your password, you will have to request a password reset. You will not be able to access any online services without your Password. This includes MyUH, UH Email, and any login needed to access the Student Information System including registration.



I Do Not Have a UH Username (or I'm Not Sure)


If you already have a account, e.g.,, then you already have a UH Username. The UH Username is the identifier before the (e.g. student).

To obtain a UH username or verify the status of your UH Username:

1. Go to the Managing Your UH Username and click on "Get a UH Username!" on the right side of the screen.


2. You will see the following Check Status of UH Username form.

  • Fill out the form completely.
  • Click on "Check Status" button


3. If the system is unable to locate your record, you will get the following error message:


We recommend you do the following:

  • Complete the form again, but this time, do not enter a middle name.
  • Double check that you are entering your correct legal first and last names as they were entered on your admissions application.
  • Contact your campus Records Office to verify that the information you are entering matches what is on your student record. Once your student record has been corrected, try the Check Status of UH Username form again.
  • If none of the above fixed the error, contact the ITS Help Desk at, (808) 956-8883, or toll-free from the neighbor islands at (800) 558-2669.


4. At the next screen, you will select your UH Username.  Select a username from the list or select “Use a custom UH Username” and enter a username in the “Enter custom username” box.  Please be aware of the “Guidelines for choosing Your UH Username” on the left side. Note: if you are re-activating your username, you will only have one choice of username (the one you had previously).  

After you have selected a username, under “Step 1 Agree to Accept Policies,” check the three boxes.  Scroll down the page.

5. Under “Question 1”, select a question, and enter your answer in the “Answer 1” box.  Make sure you choose a question where the answer is at least 5 characters.  Do the same for Question 2 (you will have to select a different question for Question 2).

6. In the “New Password” and “Confirm New Password” boxes, enter a password for your account.  The password must meet the requirements listed under the “Password Requirements” section.  If your password meets the requirements, all the lines in red will change to green.

7. Click on the “Activate UH Username” button.

8. If your username is correctly activated, you will see the following screen:



UH Username Not Found


1. Start at the Managing Your UH Username page. After clicking on "Get a UH Username!" or "Forgot your password?," you will see the following Check Status of UH Username screen.

  • Fill out the following form completely.
  • Click on "Check Status."


2. The system will check to determine the status of your UH Username. If the system is unable to locate your record, you will get the following error message. We recommend that you:

  • Click on Check Status of UH Username and try again. You may have incorrectly entered the information. 
  • If the information was entered correctly, then you need to STOP and seek in-person assistance from your Campus Representative.