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UH West O'ahu Registration Timetable

Students may register anytime on or after their registration start date; early registration is encouraged.  For more information, visit registration activities begin at 8:00 am (HST), unless otherwise noted.

Summer 2015

  • Registration for summer classes is on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • Pre-registration for continuing classified students begins on April 6.
  • Registration for new students begins on May 4.

Fall 2015

  • Pre-registration for continuing classified students begins on April 6.  Please refer to the timetable below or view the Check My Registration Status page on MyUH for your designated registration date.

Note: Effective fall 2015, the credits that define class standing have changed as follows:

Class Standing

 Prior to Fall 2015

 Effective Fall 2015


 89 credits or more  90 credits or more


 55 - 88 credits   60 - 89.99 credits


 25 - 54 credits  30 - 59.99 credits


 0 - 24 credits  0 - 29.99 credits


Total # of Credits Earned
(UHWO and Transfer)

Registration Date

Seniors April 6


April 7


April 8


April 9


Registration Activities

 Registration Dates

Dates of Instruction August 26 - December 13* (15-week term)
Final Exam Period:  December  9 - 13

Pre-Registration for Continuing Students

Begins on April 6
(See timetable above)

New Student Registration

Begins on April 20
Degree-seeking students on the neighbor islands

Begins on May 4
Degree-seeking transfer students who attend the Transfer-New Student Orientation (TNSO). A PIN is required to register.

Begins on May 29
Degree-seeking freshmen students who attend the Freshmen-New Student Orientation (FNSO)

Begins on August 3
Degree-seeking students

*Degree-seeking students who attend Transfer New Student Orientation may qualify for early registration.

Begins on August 17

Registration for Non-Degree Students and Auditors

Registration for those using the Faculty/Staff Tuition Waiver and guests applying through the Senior Citizen's Visitor Program

Begins on August 24

Late Registration

All first-time registration that occurs during this period is subject to a non-refundable $30 late registration fee.

August 24 - September 2

*For accelerated classes, please view the schedule of classes for the exact dates of instruction.

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