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Registration Payment Deadlines


  Spring 2017 Payment Deadline:

December 9, 2016 at 4:00 pm (HST)


The payment deadline at all UH campuses for Spring 2017 is December 9, 2016 at 4:00 pm (HST). Receipt of payment or enrollment in the payment plan on or before this date is required. Registration will be cancelled for non-payment (for all campuses except UH Hilo). Students remain responsible academically and financially for any registration that is not cancelled and should drop unwanted classes. Please check MyUH for re-registration opportunities for cancelled registration, subject to availability of classes. Financial aid recipients should follow financial aid award information.


IMPORTANT: Be sure to drop any class you do not want, even if you have not paid for it, to avoid financial and academic penalties.  Not all registrations are automatically cancelled due to non-payment. Students who fail to meet the payment deadline may be subject to immediate dis-enrollment from all courses. It is your responsibility to check each institution's web site for specific Payment Deadlines and Policies.

If you do not want to keep a class, drop it in the 100% tuition refund period to avoid financial or academic penalties (e.g. “F” grade). Never assume that you will automatically be dropped from your classes due to non-payment or non-attendance. It is YOUR responsibility to make sure that your payment has been received by the deadline.

  • To make a payment, go to "View My Charges/Make a Payment" on MyUH to access the Student Account Home Page.

Registration Payment

  • Payment policies vary from campus to campus. It is your responsibility to know specific payment policies at each campus where you are registered. To view campus information on payment and refund deadlines and policies, see below for campus links:

Hawaii Community College

Honolulu Community College

Kapiolani Community College

Kauai Community College

Leeward Community College

UH Hilo

UH Manoa Outreach College

UH Manoa 

UH Maui College

UH West Oahu

Windward Community College


If a campus web site does not provide information specifying the information you are looking for, contact their Student Services (Admissions & Records) Office.